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uglies's Journal

Ugly on the outside, beautiful on the inside
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For anyone and everyone to join who doesn't care about how they look. Physical beauty tends to fade with time, but a wry sense of humor, a swift mind, and a artistic eye are there for longer.

In a society that emphasizes looks, it's nice to take a break once in awhile. Come, get to know your peers here, and have a great time NOT talking about looks.

Anyone, beautiful or not-so-beautiful people, is allowed to join, as long as you have your priorities in order. :)

3/24 - To clear up a common misunderstanding, this is not a community where you post your pictures to get a "yes/no" response. We're not big on looks. If you want to post amusing images, then go ahead. Use the lj-cut script -- <lj-cut text="insert a topic"> post images here </lj-cut> -- for large images or multiple ones. Any stamps you see on entries or in comments are merely jokes and nothing more.

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