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(happy day.)

hey everyone. I stumbled upon this community somehow by typing in random words, and I think it's absolutely wonderful. Thought you might dwell upon your appearance constantly, striking and stabbing yourself with the word "ugly", no one is ugly. Everyone has one shining, absolute quality that makes them important if not in their own eyes, than some one else's. Some people just simply take that one quality for granted and hold themselves up to others, who are completely engulfed within glorifications. It's sick, and twisted how people will marvel at other's beauty, then look at themselves and just want to tear their eyes out. It just seems to me now days, people are being compared to others, that are just pictures. The angles, the shading, colors, make up, plastic surgery, and etc... , it's all out of vanity. You need to look at yourself as completely and utterly unique. So what if you think you're a little fluffy around the edges, it's beautiful, no one's shaped and molded quite like you. So what if your teeth are crooked and you need this thing jammed in the roof of your mouth to fix the alignment of your jaw (yeah, i can feel you on that one) no one has this exact, unique smile as you do. There is just so much, beauty in the world, and so little time to discover it, why should you dwell on the flaws. In the end, the flaws are what makes the beauty. It's only that much sweeter.

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