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Ugly on the outside, beautiful on the inside's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Ugly on the outside, beautiful on the inside

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"ugly" words [29 Dec 2007|09:13pm]

[ mood | sympathetic ]

what can i say. it hurts.
what can i say. it kills.
it feels like a million screwdrivers drill,

into your heart, into your soul
into your heart, into your spine,
but on the outside, we seem to be completly fine.

help me and take my hand if you dare for my face
could scare many away; you can struggle, you can run,
but repeatedly in your head the word continues to make fun.

begging and pleading never works.
why god why? why make me this way?
but to torture me? how did i disobey?

it takes a man to stand up for us,
but what man would? 
that wouldn't do him any good.

help me! you can cry to the strangers around.
how can i change! what can i do?
i think i have a bruise on my stomach from the senior's shoe.

this is me.
i cannot change.
go ahead kill me,
your within range.
or you can stare and watch me suffer. 
but remember the day you left me rotting on the ground
and ill remember when you joined in with your grey hound.
he chewed at my flesh,
he chewed at my bone. 
now hes got my phone.
i cant call 911 my cell is long gone.
so i sit here struggling
while in yor mind your juggling.
the thought of helping the ugly boggles your mind.
so ill sit here and watch your bleak face.
help me god, i need redeeming grace.

an ugly state of mind by rosanna owen

i thought some of you could relate to this, 
im not much of a poet but could you tell me if you thought it was good?


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[24 Mar 2005|08:13pm]

There haven't been any posts in a while, but I randomly found this community & said, "Hey, that's the community for me." Simply put, I think I'm truly ugly. Three cheers for bringing this community back to life! Let's hear it!

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[14 Jan 2005|01:54pm]
Hi, my name is Jen, I'm 16 and I'm extremely ugly
I joined a community on another journal (this is a private kind, none of my real friends know about it, and it's ljfriends only)

i was rejected by many communites because i'm ugly

my worste comment was that i looked like qausimodo

if you comment on my lj i'll add you and their are pictures of me on there


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I'm new [13 Jan 2005|06:05pm]

[ mood | contemplative ]

Hey, I just found this community under the interests drama and clicked on it to see what it was all about. The entries I've read so far are ones I can relate to, so that's why I've joined. I'm not sure if joining a community like this is good for my self-esteem, because like a lot of people, I have issues with my looks.

I'm not necessarily ugly or pretty, but more of on the "cute" side. There are some who would consider me pretty and then of course there are those who would think the exact opposite. My personal opinion is that I could use some improvement. No, scratch that. A LOT of improvement.

But a personal saying of mine is that dieting, exercise, and make-up can help the ugliness on the outside, but it's not going to fix what's wrong on the inside. I feel ugly on the inside and I know no amount of cosmetics and exercising is going to correct that problem. But, it's something to work on.


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I'm just a simple girl........... [26 Dec 2004|02:44am]

[ mood | restless ]

Hey Everyone My name is Kristy and Yes I am new to the community......I read the head-line and just had to join.... Seriously finally a community not about looks....I do think I am so ugly though don't ask me why but I do......I'll show you a pic and you have to agree I'm not the prettiest thing in the world or close to it....I tried joining a community called whats within but obviously they wanted a pic you know what they where thinking eh bc I didn't get accepted. :'(.........

sry i can't put them behind an LJ cut my richtext is messed!!!!! so hope u don't mind if i put it here if so I can delete my entry :)...............

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[03 Dec 2004|10:36am]
[ mood | amused ]

I'm new to this community...thought I'd introduce myself...Name's Mich and I'm 18 years old...And yeah I'm ugly. I don't really think that I'm sorry that I'm ugly though. LoL After all, it's not my fault that my parents didn't have good genes!

Sorry in advanceCollapse )

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[12 Nov 2004|05:07pm]
[ mood | thoughtful ]

Ehm, Hi. I'm Arynn.. I'm really bad at introductions... I'm from Michigan. I like music alot. My favorite band is Fear Before The March Of Flames. I think I'm ugly, so do alot of other people, I guess. There's a few people who tell me I'm pretty/cute/hot/etc, and those are just my friends and my mom. Since they're my friends, I feel like what they think should be the only thing that matters to me in situations like that, but I really can't help but feel really bad when someone tells me I'm ugly.

I'm damaged bad at best...Collapse )

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[13 Jan 2004|04:07pm]

sometimes it's hard being ugly because society is so full of perfectionists. and that doesn't make any sense because a good portion of the population would be considered ugly by elitist bastards...who cares about them.
hi.Collapse )
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[26 Nov 2003|10:42pm]

[ mood | high ]

my name's sean, and I'm a nerd. I'm a huuuge music nerd, I mostly listen to underground metal and such, but I'm pretty open when it comes to music. I'm big into theoretical physics, astronomy, astrophysics, that kinda thing, and I'm going to school to (hopefully eventually) study at least one of them. I used to be a computer nerd but I got frustrated with them and said to fuck with it. also used to be into video games hardcore, not so much anymore. I play d&d. and nerdy girls make my world go 'round. woot.

I'm also ugly.

SCREAMCollapse )


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[09 Nov 2003|10:47am]

[ mood | dirty ]

new kid here... i'm ugly. rock on. ;)

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Join. [08 Oct 2003|10:11pm]


looking for some members. for this new community, just a basic forum for band info/ selling of band merch. Go check it out! help the cause!
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[06 Oct 2003|02:13am]

[ mood | horny ]

u want it?Collapse )

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(happy day.) [20 Sep 2003|03:18pm]

[ mood | sick ]

hey everyone. I stumbled upon this community somehow by typing in random words, and I think it's absolutely wonderful. Thought you might dwell upon your appearance constantly, striking and stabbing yourself with the word "ugly", no one is ugly. Everyone has one shining, absolute quality that makes them important if not in their own eyes, than some one else's. Some people just simply take that one quality for granted and hold themselves up to others, who are completely engulfed within glorifications. It's sick, and twisted how people will marvel at other's beauty, then look at themselves and just want to tear their eyes out. It just seems to me now days, people are being compared to others, that are just pictures. The angles, the shading, colors, make up, plastic surgery, and etc... , it's all out of vanity. You need to look at yourself as completely and utterly unique. So what if you think you're a little fluffy around the edges, it's beautiful, no one's shaped and molded quite like you. So what if your teeth are crooked and you need this thing jammed in the roof of your mouth to fix the alignment of your jaw (yeah, i can feel you on that one) no one has this exact, unique smile as you do. There is just so much, beauty in the world, and so little time to discover it, why should you dwell on the flaws. In the end, the flaws are what makes the beauty. It's only that much sweeter.

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Hello uglies!! [14 Sep 2003|06:26pm]

[ mood | Beautiful ]

Hi folks - I'm new to the community and two things caught my attention - one the awesome steve martin icon (Roxanne is a great movie) and the healthy attitude this group has towards physical beauty - if you have it fine, but dont think you're a better person because of it. Anyway - I'm pretty bugged by the nonuglies phenomenon and it's spin offs. The hot or not? phenomenom has it LJ - and its a sad thing to see. To me - everyone is beautiful in their own way - whether its humor or talents or something like that. That said - I proclaim to all my memberships in uglies - the best community around!

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Sigh.. [28 Aug 2003|06:45pm]

I bought a new digital camera and I can't stop thinking how IF ONLY I didn't look like I do, IF ONLY i had an ounce of confidence, I could really show off pictures of myself instead of hiding them away.

But at least you lot aren't gonna call me ugly?Collapse )
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so i really dont think im ugly [14 Aug 2003|04:12pm]

i dont think im ugly at all.......im actually very conceited..but people who make fun of other people are wrong..........

insert a topicCollapse )
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I'm new, and I'm an ugly [07 Aug 2003|04:11pm]

Always swore to myself I'd never succumb to the lure of the ratings communities. But I did.
So I thought that since I am now officially ugly, I should cheerfully join this community.

And apparently I'm very very uglyCollapse )
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[07 Aug 2003|07:12am]

[ mood | sleepy ]

well, I was rejected in two communitys (i cant remember their names) and some of the comments were as follows:

"you look like some form of an ugly bird"
"shame you dont wear makeup"
"OMG ur fucking gross, Leave this community NOW!"

so yea. let's see what you guys think.

some things you should know. I'm what, if you had to label me, would be called "goth", Lets keep in mind kids, labels are for soup, not people.

I dont wear makeup, or use hairspray, at all. i think natural beauty is something to cherish, and most people hide it under a mask.

so yea, Also, my hair doesnt do much of anything. and im happy with that. i think its lovely, becuase i dont put anything in it, its healthy.

neways, on to the pics.... Damn, i can rant huh?

yup, you've been warned.Collapse )

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[27 Jul 2003|10:00pm]

[ mood | crazy ]

Hi, I'm new. My name's Cathy, I'm 15 and I live in England. Not only am I fat, ugly and have the worst hair in the history of.. the world, I'm also annoying to boot ;D

I didn't want to even try to join any of those communities where you get butchered to death by evil people (well, some are evil anyways), so I thought I'd join here, cos everyone's nice 8)

When I finally get a webcam or something, I'll post some decent pictures, as these ones are kind of old.

Read more...Collapse )

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hahah [18 Jul 2003|03:47pm]

[ mood | amused ]

yeah I tried to join the_exalted
haha theyre so mean! :D
-shrugs- o well you people are much cooler anyways =p

Read more...Collapse )

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