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I'm new

Hey, I just found this community under the interests drama and clicked on it to see what it was all about. The entries I've read so far are ones I can relate to, so that's why I've joined. I'm not sure if joining a community like this is good for my self-esteem, because like a lot of people, I have issues with my looks.

I'm not necessarily ugly or pretty, but more of on the "cute" side. There are some who would consider me pretty and then of course there are those who would think the exact opposite. My personal opinion is that I could use some improvement. No, scratch that. A LOT of improvement.

But a personal saying of mine is that dieting, exercise, and make-up can help the ugliness on the outside, but it's not going to fix what's wrong on the inside. I feel ugly on the inside and I know no amount of cosmetics and exercising is going to correct that problem. But, it's something to work on.

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