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well, I was rejected in two communitys (i cant remember their names) and some of the comments were as follows:

"you look like some form of an ugly bird"
"shame you dont wear makeup"
"OMG ur fucking gross, Leave this community NOW!"

so yea. let's see what you guys think.

some things you should know. I'm what, if you had to label me, would be called "goth", Lets keep in mind kids, labels are for soup, not people.

I dont wear makeup, or use hairspray, at all. i think natural beauty is something to cherish, and most people hide it under a mask.

so yea, Also, my hair doesnt do much of anything. and im happy with that. i think its lovely, becuase i dont put anything in it, its healthy.

neways, on to the pics.... Damn, i can rant huh?

also a complete set can be found here.
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